The Dumont

This 30-storey development of multi-millionpound flats on London’s South Bank needed an equally deluxe waterproofing system. Working in tight spaces, to an even tighter deadline, MPS made it happen.

The Challenge

Beneath the luxury façade of this elegant building, all the nuts and bolts had to work like any other project. We handled the
cementitious internal render of the building’s attenuation tank, cast using PUDLO waterproof concrete.

This gave the peace of mind of PUDLO’s 20-year warranty, but we didn’t stop there. Using Renderseal alongside the concrete provided a ‘belt and braces’ dual system for total protection.

The MPS Solution

The job took expertise in working within confined spaces. Our team are skilled with the tools for this particular task, using tripods and winches to access the works, with gas detectors averting unpleasant surprises.

Above all, we’re uncompromising on health and safety. Projects like this come with a lot of ‘what-ifs’ which were risk assessed and secured long before anyone went near the site.

Not only was the job done safely and to spec, it was turned around in three days. Covered by the extensive warranty, our client began letting out this stylish space with confidence.