Membrane Installation

Working with membrane experts from the earliest conceptual stages lets your design team incorporate waterproofing into the project’s DNA. Cut down on risk and ensure every aspect of the construction has been assessed by a qualified expert.

We constantly upskill our staff in the use of the latest materials and techniques. Building on enormous experience, we offer the UK’s definitive waterproofing membrane service, including:

  • Type A systems for internal waterproofing and podium decks
  • Chemically resistant membranes for bunds and containment areas

Your project might call for a waterproofing render applied direct to the wall or floor, a Type A solution. Or perhaps it demands a brush or spray-applied membrane to secure your podium decks.

Whatever you need, you can rely on our informed judgement to identify the best way forward.

MPS Concrete Solutions can help to:

  • Effective, flexible waterproofing
  • Ideal for below-ground structures
  • Compatible with other waterproofing systems

MPS – Get it Right from the get-go.