Injection Hose Installation

For sealing construction joints without hydrophilic or metal waterstops, injection hose systems are very popular. Installed prior to the concrete pour, the hose is then injected to completely seal the interfaces.

It’s a perfect solution when you’re using sheet piles as a liner wall in the basement, or where using a kicker isn’t appropriate. It’s also great for connecting concrete to concrete, whether new or old.

Our highly skilled teams have had continued success with this system. Injection hose installation is:

  • Easy to install and flexible compared to traditional joint systems
  • Usable in challenging, complex situations and adverse weather conditions
  • Robust, ensuring a watertight joint for the life of the structure
  • Able to be installed directly onto the construction joint
  • An ideal technical method for both preventative and remedial solutions

Work with MPS and enjoy a full service, from planning to supply and installation. We’ve got so much confidence in the system that we’re proud to offer a 10-year warranty.

That makes a watertight solution simple. Do you want to know more?

Benefits of Injection Hose Installation

  • Easy installation and flexible alternative to traditional joint system
  • Can be used in challenging and complex situations, including adverse weather conditions
  • An injectable solution to ensure a watertight joint for the life of the structure
  • Installation directly onto the construction joint
  • An alternative solution to joint profiles or metal waterstops
  • No kicker required, therefore reducing site labour and construction programme
  • Technical method for preventive

MPS offers a full injection hose service: We advise, supply and install. All of our injection hose systems are issued with a 10 year warranty.

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