Concrete Injection & Repair

Fixing damage fast is a top priority for conscientious building owners. Not only is a blemished structure unsightly, the situation could rapidly deteriorate and pose a risk to your property.

Structural repair, refurbishment, and protection of damaged or defective concrete is a core part of our service. We work with respected names in UK construction to identify and proactively address issues early, before they become problems.

By breaking out poor or damaged concrete and replacing it with specialist mortar, our team can restore years to the lifespan of your structure. Every repair job is unique, so we’ll come armed with the tools, materials, and sound judgement to provide a lasting fix.

Trust the UK’s concrete experts to restore your building.

MPS Concrete Solutions can help with:

  • Honeycombing due to under-compaction
  • Failed day joints
  • Hairline cracks
  • Thermal cracks
  • Structural cracks
  • Restraint cracks
  • Shrinkage cracks