Cavity Drain Installation

When you’re waterproofing a basement, cavity drain membranes are an effective way to keep things dry. Installed internally, the cavity membrane diverts unwanted moisture to a sump or drainage system.

These systems work alone, or as the secondary element in a dual-system waterproofing solution. Either way, you’ll be working with our trained operatives who have extensive experience installing cavity drain systems.

Choose to either dry line or render directly onto the cavity while still being able to maintain it for years to come. Our team pay meticulous attention to preparing your wall or floor before application, fixing prior leaks as part of the service to ensure a watertight finish.

As per the BS8102:2022 code of practice for protection of below-ground structures against water from the ground, most basement construction calls for Grade 3 performance. That means no water penetration or dampness is permitted.