Center Parcs, Nottingham

The wave pool at the Center Parcs Sherwood Forest destination needed essential maintenance to its two balance tanks during the lockdown period. MPS were tasked with identifying areas needing attention during their overall inspection and discovered a leak which they were able to repair with zero delay to the project, despite a few challenges!

The Challenge

With the main holding tanks constantly under water, the concrete is under relentless corrosion from water wear, as well as chemical and air attack. MPS were able to repair the decades old concrete to nearly new after identifying, treating and remediating problem areas before they turned into major issues. MPS delivered – all while under pandemic restrictions on social distancing, wearing full PPE breathing gear in sweltering temperatures of above 30 degrees centigrade which made the project one to remember!

The MPS Solution

We carried out a full assessment to identify areas on the two water tanks needing attention, and, on the smaller of the tanks (measuring 150m2), we ground out the failed concrete back to steel reinforcement where required and treated it where needed.

For the concrete, MPS remediated and then primed the area before reinstating the concrete. Once the surface was sound, the area was coated with a cementitious skim coat of up to 4mm thick to level it out, after which a resin liner was applied across the full extent of the tank. During the works, a hidden leak was discovered which could be resin injected on the same day with no delay to the project. For the second and larger tank (measuring 1,300m2) in better condition, we did concrete repairs, applied a skim coat and a resin liner to all walls and support columns. All done under strict social distancing and H&S regulations.

Surf’s up – literally!

The Sherwood Forest wave pool is already back in operation. The tanks are fully sealed and completely warrantied which means they’re good for another few decades. Our client can rest assured that their star attraction, and business, will function seamlessly into the future.