Canary Wharf

Construction of a bridge connecting London’s Montgomery Street and Wood Wharf was a tricky project, so close to the Jubilee Line exclusion zone. MPS was on hand to keep things watertight.

The Challenge

This job called for a number of techniques working in perfect harmony to secure the abutments of this bascule bridge. Iron cylinders set into the riverbed supported pre-cast concrete boxes housing the mechanics, but water quickly found its way between the concrete and cylinders.

Waterproofing a structure partially submerged in the Thames called for close attention to health and safety, not to mention the right tools and expertise.

The MPS Solution

Injecting fast-setting hydrophilic resin, we secured the beams supporting both pits. Then we took care of the concrete joints and secured any cracks which had begun to form. 

Not only were other teams relying on us to work quickly to keep the project on schedule, water was initially coming in so fast that our team started out working in tandem with the pumps to get the job done in record time.

The project was a resounding success. In fact, it won the Construction News Specialist Award for Project of the Year.