Bromley South Central

Based in the London Borough of Bromley, Bromley South Central is a huge project with a footprint of over 100,000 sq. ft., which when finished will include 200 residential apartments, a 130 bedroom hotel, a nine screen cinema, nine retail units and a 400 space underground car park.

The Challenge

The problem here involved a seal at construction joint level where old concrete would meet new. The contractor was unable to create the required joint preparation to conform to the waterproofing specialist’s requirements. This area would prove a high-level risk for all involved if a suitable and practical waterproofing detail was not found, which is why MPS was invited to site.

The MPS Solution

MPS worked with both the contractor and waterproofing specialists to approve a joint detail. This consisted of installing the MPS injection hose system along the old concrete, to then be injected once the new concrete had been placed against it. Getting a team on site the day after inspection and approval of the system meant that there was no delay and over the course of 2 days our team had installed the injection hose around 124m worth of the slabs, which formed part of the cinema auditoriums. The slab was cast and 28 days later we visited site again to complete the injection hose system and sign off the work for our warranty without any issues or delay.

A Successful Outcome

Both contractor and waterproofing specialists were extremely happy with the work of MPS and were able to move forward with the rest of the job, knowing that if they need any help in the future, MPS will be ready and waiting.

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