Bridgewater Place

Yorkshire’s tallest building posed on unforeseen safety risk for passers-by, calling for an immediate fix. MPS stepped up to do our bit with a specialist grouting solution.

The Challenge

When work finished on Bridgewater Place, nobody predicted that the size and shape of the structure would create a wind tunnel, focusing on gales towards street level. This was unacceptable, as was the stopgap measure of closing nearby roads in bad weather.

A series of baffles (17 metres high) as well as 20-metre long barriers were installed along nearly 100m of the surrounding street, deflecting and reducing windspeed as it reached the ground.

This took immaculate planning, creating a workable fix which minimised disruption to traffic and businessess.

The MPS Solution

Working with specialist equipment – cherry pickers, scissor lifts, and grout pumps, our expert team secured the baffles to their supporting columns at precisely the right angle.

Liasing with other teams on the ground handling the paving slabs, and being careful not to damage this expensive architecture, we got the job done. The final structure is now safe, secure and in keeping with the look of this high-end part of town.