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Construction apartments & commercial complexes is a relatively later foray into this sector after our excavation work & other businesses. It enables us to tap into this expanding sector & adds to our repertoire of business activities. It is pertinent to point out at this juncture that our own specialised machinery such as tower cranes etc & our expertise & long experience in excavation, concreting & construction gives us an edge over our competitors & adds muscle to our business in this sector.

The skyline of Australian cities & towns is changing rapidly with the concept of smart cities & an increasing growth on a vertical level rather than on the horizontal plane. We have used our machinery & logistics here also to increase work productivity & optimise time & resources needed for Construction construction. This saves on input costs & reduces the carbon footprint of buildings as well. We are always trying to innovate & inculcate new technologies & methodologies to attain the highest standards of workmanship & deliverance of quality products in both the exteriors & interiors of buildings that we construct.

The use of renewable resources & day lighting is our core concern wherever possible. We are also conducting studies to harness & use renewable energy in buildings wherever practicable. With our motivated & well trained manpower we hope to make a mark in this sector in the years to come.

We are one of the largest & most experienced Excavation, Concreting & Construction Company in Melbourne & its surroundings.

About Us

In addition to excavation services we specialise in Multi Unit Developments & have worked on a range of customer applications like House Slabs, Basements, Car parks & Suspended Slabs. As mentioned above we are fully equipped with our own machinery in all our sectors of services other than excavation also. We also undertake a diverse variety of Concreting & Paving work.

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