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Basement works

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Basement works

Our over 20 years of experience in Excavation & Concreting lends us an advantage in Basement works as well. Most homes, garages & other types of properties in Melbourne especially in the suburbs have a basement as well. The starting point in Basement making & related works usually requires excavation, followed by concreting of the surface soil cover.

Studies in Australia & elsewhere have shown that the inclusion & construction of Basement in a property increases the potential area of a single dwelling & the overall density in a higher floor building thereby leading to higher returns on the value of land invested. This is especially true of sites & places where the value of land is of significantly high value.

Ground work associated with & related to construction of Basements generally varies between 20 to 40% of the total construction costs. There is huge scope for cost savings to be made in this sector & we are studying its potential applications & working on it. We are also looking for the usage of excavated soil at other places for landscaping etc & our own machinery & logistic support will enable us to do it effectively. There are several kinds of basements some partial while others are full & we have a range of designs & construction methodologies in this sector also.

We are one of the largest & most experienced Excavation, Concreting & Construction Company in Melbourne & its surroundings.

About Us

In addition to excavation services we specialise in Multi Unit Developments & have worked on a range of customer applications like House Slabs, Basements, Car parks & Suspended Slabs. As mentioned above we are fully equipped with our own machinery in all our sectors of services other than excavation also. We also undertake a diverse variety of Concreting & Paving work.

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